Our Commitment To



With an exceptional HSET program and safety record, Big E Drilling Co. is committed to providing an environment on our rigs that is safe and healthy for all employees; by placing employee safety and health at the forefront. We employ a full-time qualified HSET/HR Manager who oversees Health, Safety, Environmental, and Training throughout our fleet; this is in addition to each Rig Manager overseeing day-to-day safe operations on their assigned rig. Every Big E Drilling Co. employee is expected to maintain safe and healthful working conditions and are extensively trained to ensure operations run efficiently; without sacrificing safety.

HSET incentives for employees are designed to minimize injuries, incidents, and turnover. In addition, employees receive various perks and swag when anniversaries or milestones are reached. Whether it be merchandise, catered BBQs, or anniversary gifts; we incentivize each and every employee to follow all necessary safety practices and policies without incident nor injury. At Big E Drilling Co., we continuously equip our rigs and employees with the necessary equipment and gear to minimize risk associated with operating in such a hazard-heavy environment.